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Bishop Garfield Wilson
Regional Youth & Discipleship Director

Dorraine Wilson
Regional Girl's Ministries Coordinator

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"For teens and children to
radically commit their lives to Christ and make wise choices;
to become mentors and develop authentic friendships
with their peers who are following Jesus;
encourage open trust and communication
with parents ​for God’s intentions and blessings
to be manifested in the fullest measure."

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YWEA 2023
Needs Your Continued Support

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To provide resources for pastors, youth leaders, children’s leaders, young adult leaders, volunteer workers, or anyone interested in ministering to youth or children. Such resources can be found here or by calling our department.

To create other opportunities for resourcing and connecting come through our various ministries provided throughout the year for your local church’s youth and children’s ministry. ​Ministry events such as PowerZONE, Winterfest, Kid’s SONfest, Youth Camps, Youth & Children’s Leaders Training Seminars, Girls Clubs, Teen Talent, and Junior Talent are designed to positively impact you and your church.

We believe that God has called us to invest in the next generation of youth and to teach them the doctrines and disciplines of the Christian faith. To enable them to fulfill their God-given purpose and to ignite them with a passion. To love the lost, equip them for life, relationships, service and leadership."

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​Girls Ministries is an outreach of the Department of Youth and Discipleship to assist the local church in mentoring girls on their journey as Jesus Christ followers. Since our inception, Girls Ministries endeavors to provide club-based curricula (and more) that employs relevant, life-applicable lessons according to God’s Word. The result is thousands of young lives flourishing into spiritually pure, strong and dedicated women.

Girls Club Ministries are an outreach of the Department of Youth & Discipleship to assist the local churches in teaching our girls victorious living

These Clubs were created for the purpose of:
  • ✓ Encouraging growth in Christ
  • ✓ Developing personal character, abilities and skills
  • ✓ Discovering ways to serve others
  • ​✓ Providing Christian fellowship and recreation
  • ✓ Winning peers for Christ "
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    Getting Your Club Organized

    These Clubs were created for the purpose of:
  • ✓ Never be alone with a child.
  • ✓ Make sure there are at least two women in every classroom.
  • ✓ If possible make sure there are hall monitors at all times to monitor people entering and leaving your building.
  • ​✓ Make sure you know the history of the adults you have teaching.
  • ✓ If a child ever reports any type of abuse it is your responsibility to report it to the pastor or higher
  • ✓Never be alone with a child. It is not your job to prove it, but it is your job to report it to the authorities.
  • ✓ Always make sure before going on any outing you have permission slips signed and notarized.
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    • Lessons – Always have a lesson planned with activities.
    • Room organization – Keeping things organized helps you be able to find things quickly.
    • Keep records on your students and a log of weekly class activities. Always contact students if they miss over one week.
    • Find out if your club is chartered. Your State/Regional GM Coordinator or International GM Coordinator will know if no one at church does.
    • If you are doing something special or need parents to know something, always send home notes.
    • Never assume children will remember important events.
    • Get started on your Mentor Enrichment Training Course. This can be done in one day, or over a couple of months.
    • Adjust materials, ages, and programs to fit your church’s needs.
    • Subscribe to Insight magazine online at
    • Find out if your state has online reporting. If not, get a report form from the state office, or you can download a copy from the website: under reports. Perhaps email this info to your State Coordinator.
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    This program may be tailored to fit your club with either one prayer mother per girl, one prayer mother for several girls, or one per club

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    Mentor, you are the KEY! Children first Learn....

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    These Clubs were created for the purpose of:
  • ✓ to love you
  • ✓ to love your Bible
  • ✓ to love your God

  • We must open .....
  • ✓our eyes to their needs
  • ✓our arms to their pain
  • ✓ our ears to what they are saying
  • ✓ our hearts to the child
  • Picture

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    Children first see the picture of God’s love through the eyes of those they trust and respect. Girls Ministries can help fit the pieces together in life’s puzzle and plant seeds that will potentially lead a child to Christ. We must set godly examples with dedication, dependability, and a determination to bear the image of Christ. With God’s anointing, each mentor can be the key to the fuel that feeds the flame of salvation in a child’s life. You cannot kindle a flame within another’s heart until it burns within your own. Feed the flame and keep the fire burning BRIGHT.
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  • ✓Endeavor to keep my own spiritual life so that it will be an example to my girls in Christian testimony, conversation and prayer.
  • ✓ Aim to lead all my students who are unsaved to accept Christ as their personal Savior and to make the spiritual life of my students my chief concern, in order to lead them into a fuller life of spiritual growth.
  • ✓Carefully prepare my lesson and make each session a matter of prayerful concern, presenting the doctrines of my church with conviction and honesty. At the same time, I will be considerate of the convictions of others.
  • ✓Strive to live up to my responsibility in being prompt to class (15 minutes before class begins), and to contact absentees before the following club meeting time.
  • ✓Attend all the services I can at my church and encourage my students to do likewise.
  • ✓Aspire to be cordial in welcoming new students and visitors to my class and see they are recognized.
  • ✓ Pledge my regular attendance at meetings for the promotion of Girls Ministries and to take advantage of any training course offered (i.e., METC, training opportunities, etc.).
  • ✓ Be subject to the authorities of church leadership/Girls Ministries with the understanding that my appointment may be changed at any time.
  • ✓ Notify the local Girls Ministries coordinator (or appropriate person in charge) if at any time I am unable to attend my class.
  • ✓ Pledge by the help of God, my whole-hearted efforts in serving Him in Girls Ministries.
  • Children learn more from you than you realize...
    They learn how NOT to be reliable if you are often absent.
    They learn how NOT to be punctual if you are often late.
    They learn how NOT to care if you do not care enough to be prepared.
    They learn how NOT to be forthright when they hear you gossiping.
    Judge each day NOT by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant!
    “Train up a child in the way he (she) should go, and when he (she) is old
    he (she) will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6
    “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts” Psalm 145:4
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  • Submit your Reports by the 5th of each month
  • Make sure to list all service and social project
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    PSALMS 144:12-15

    "Then our sons in their youth will be like a well-nurtured...and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.....Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord."

    "Please join us as we strive to reach the Jeremiah Generation and empower them to become Kingdom Workers now and release them to reap a harvest."